Russian-Slavic Unification and Revival

The Russian-Slavic Union and Revival is a far-right public organisation based in Sevastopol (Crimea) that brings together Slavic peoples. RUSOV was organised by Sevastopol native Andrei Rodionov on 26 April 2012, a period when Crimea had not yet been annexed by Russia. Rodionov supported the events of the Russian Spring, has visited the Donetsk people’s republic several times and in 2022 supported the outbreak of war against Ukraine

In 10 years of activity, RUSOV has been able to establish contacts with Poland and in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, especially Serbia.

RUSOV practices participation in pan-Slavic roundtables and conferences, weapons training, trekking, and various neo-pagan rituals.


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RUSOV adheres to a “third way” political position, acting in the interests of the Russian and other Slavic peoples, and the entire Russian-Slavic world, opposing Western globalism, materialism and multiculturalism.

We are assured, that the western civilization, with its liberal-market economic model, a migration policy and ideas of consumer society has exhausted itself, that steadily conducts to destruction of all radical European population, and only Russia, being last bastion of traditional values in Europe, is capable to provide peace and worthy life for all Slavic and other European peoples.

We do not want to go back to the past, to Tsarist times or to the times of communism, although we recognise that there were some positive and negative aspects. Those who drag us back into the past deprive us of the future. We go forward and look into the future, taking only the best from the past.

As historical practice has shown, right-wing politics without a left-wing socially oriented economy is the dictate of big business, the oligarchy, while left-wing economics without a right-wing nationally oriented politics is the service of international interests to the detriment of one’s own national ones. Both the first and the second option are inherently flawed and extremely harmful in terms of our national interests, so we are categorically against this path. Our choice is the unification of right-wing national politics and left-wing social economy proposed by us in the doctrine – Slavic Socialism, because it has long been known that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Main objectives:

1). The unification and revival of the indigenous state-forming Russian people and other indigenous peoples of Russia on the basis of a common Russian national consciousness.

2). Revival of historical Great Russia – the defender of the Slavs, a stronghold of traditional values and the guarantor of the building of a socially just society.

3). The creation of a legitimate political way, based on the idea of pan-Slavism, first confederal, and then, if possible, a federal Union Slavic state in the forefront with Great Russia as the force capable of carrying it out, on voluntary principles and principles of equality, with a gradually organised common political, economic, military, customs, currency, legal, humanitarian and cultural space.