Rus Triedinaya

Rus Triedinaya (Russ triedinaya) is a pro-Russian Orthodox imperial organisation formed in Kharkiv in 2004. It publishes a newspaper of the same name. In 2014, its permanent leader Sergey Moiseyev emigrated to Russia.


“Since 2005, our organisation in the city of Kharkov has counteracted the propaganda aimed at dividing the Russian world. As best we could, we countered the incipient fascist threat and conducted spiritual and historical education for our compatriots… We ran a website, held discussions on television, gave lectures, organised pickets and mass events to protect Russian schools and the rights of the native Russian language. We convinced believers of the necessity to preserve unity of the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate… We distributed books and disks of spiritual-historical orientation at orthodox literature fairs in Kharkov. We gained experience of publishing and distributing books in small circulations of up to 5 thousand copies. In 2009 Ukrainian nationalists demanded that a criminal case be brought against us for the publication of the book “Russ not Russian” by the Kiev author Alexander Karevin and that our organization be closed. It seemed to them that the book posed a threat to Ukraine’s security… It is obvious to reasonable people that Kharkiv, an imperial Russian-cultural city that emerged in the year of the Pereyaslavska Rada, is the child of the reunification of Russia under the sceptre of Russian tsars”.


“It is important for us to realise that Russia is not a country – it is a civilisation whose borders are much wider than Russia’s current political boundaries. As long as we rely only on the force of arms in modern hybrid warfare, we are vulnerable. The most important task ahead is to arm people with meanings and to transmit those meanings, to infect the enemy with them to demotivate and disarm him. To undermine the enemy’s ideological foundation, which is based on the idols of consciousness and the superiority of democracy over other forms of social order. Modern democracy is a tool of the servants of the “golden calf” world oligarchy.

Western democracy is now taking over new positions – it is imposing the cult of consumption, homodictatorship and has entered into an open battle with all traditional societies. Western civilization is using Ukraine as an instrument to split the Russian civilization core. Ukrainism is a disease of the Russian nation, a form of modern neo-paganism, the whole ideology of Ukrainism is built on anti-Russianism, idolization and historical myths.

In 1991 we were divided politically, but that was not enough. In 2014, a decisive blow was dealt to our civilizational unity. The battle for Novorossia is an unexpected response to the challenge of Western expansion; it is a spontaneous passionate outburst of Russian self-consciousness. It is a battle not only for Novorossia, but for the future of Russia and Russian civilization and for the soul of Russia.

If Ukrainism (a definition which has no connection to Russia) is a nail in the spiritual-mystical body of Russia, then the Rus triune Russia is a pincer which will pull out this nail. The right concept-definition, revealing the essence of things is already a weapon. If the definition is demanded and takes root, then the reality is brought in line with this definition. It is very important in this regard that the territory of south-eastern Ukraine in 2014 became known as NOVOROSSIA. Novorossia is the embodied hope of Russian civilisation, its backbone. It is now important that the remaining Ukraine is correctly defined and referred to as Kievan Rus or Southern Rus. It is unlikely that the inhabitants of central Ukraine will agree to change from proud Ukrainians to Little Russians. And Kievan Rus is closer and more comforting to them. If Grushevsky drew a line from Rus’ to Ukraine, now it is our task to draw a line from Ukraine to Rus’. It is important to reveal at the conceptual level that Ukrainism is a separatism of the Russian civilization and a direct consequence of historical falsification, and Rus is a genuine and unifying concept. Thus, we will bring all our regional peculiarities to the common historical denominator – Rus!

Of course, all of the above is just a few puzzles, the big picture, which the fighters for the future unity of Russia will build. Lev Gumilev wrote, that passionary processes are similar to volcanic eruption, which can be observed, but not managed, it cannot be controlled by an individual or even a group of people. Now the Russian people are divided by the criminal conspiracy in Belovezhskaya Pushcha and it is criminal to stop halfway and put up with that definition. We need to focus not only on breaking down someone else’s – it is important to know what we ourselves are building, then our vision of the historical perspective will inspire supporters and demotivate opponents”.

**Legal status**

On 8 October 2018, the Kharkiv District Administrative Court [banned]( the activities of the regional public organisation Rus Triedinaya, which advocated the creation of the Kharkiv People’s Republic. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, the members of the organization demanded “a referendum on the federalization of Ukraine” and also called for the establishment of the Kharkiv People’s Republic with its subsequent incorporation into Russia.