Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten

The „Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten“ (RFS) is a far right student organisation near the FPÖ in Austria.
They also run for the „Österreichische Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft“, the parliament of students in Austria. In 2019 the RFS got 1,99% of the votes and one mandate.
Their actuall chairman is Matthias Kornek.
The RFS was founded in 1952. Many of its members were members of the Burschenschaften an other Studentenverbindungen (fraternities).
They often believe that Austria should be part of a bigger Germany (‘Großdeutschland’).
In the 1960es members of the RFS joined streetfights against leftists and the terrorist campaign to separate Südtirol from Italy.

After the 1980es the RFS got weaker.

Today they are a antifeminist and antileftist organisation.

Many important FPÖ-members came from the RFS.

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