**short description:**
QAnon is a kind of online-sect which appears 2017. It is based at mysterious hints in the Internet, given by a person called himself ‘Q’.
Till the end of August 2020 “Q” published 3.500 posts.
It tells a story that the liberal elites kidnapped children and prisoned them in camps under the earth to torture, abuse and murder them.
So they can get the body-stuff Adrenochrom to use it to stay young. Adrenochrome realy exists but never had this effect.
The former US-President Donald J. Trump is for QAnon a messias-figure, who fights to free the children.
The basic story of QAnon about liberal Elites which abuses children consists a antisemitic framing.
Often Bill Gates is included in the Qanon-Conspiracy-Theorys.
The christian majority charges the jewish minority since the middle age with this reproach of child murdering rituals.
Centers of the QAnon-Cult are the United States and Germany.
The racist murderer of Hanau believed in storys like this.
The QAnon-movement uses the covid-sceptic-movement to spread its storys.
The Movement is orgased wildly in the Net and headless.

QAnon-supporter took part in the storm of the Kapitol in Washington in 6th of January 2021.

QAnon-supporter took part in the trying to storm the Reichstag in Berlin in 29th of August 2020 of 500 people.

Tobias Rathjen, the racist murderer in Hanau at 19th of February 2020, also believed in Qanon-conspiracy theorys.

Slogan of the Anon-Movement is ‘WWG1WGA’ („Where we go one, we go all“).

Supporter of the QAnon-Movement in Germany are:
* Attila Hildmann, Vegan cook, now refugee in Turkye (English:
* Xavier Naidoo, Soul Songer

**Second Source:**
– Ciaran O’Connor, Cooper Gatewood, Kendrick McDonald and Sarah Brandt: The Boom Before the Ban: QAnon and Facebook, (English)