QAnon in Germany

**short description:**
QAnon is a kind of online-sect which appears 2017. It is based at mysterious hints in the Internet, given by a person called himself ‘Q’.
It tells a story that the liberal elites kidnapped children and prisoned them in camps under the earth to torture, abuse and murder them.
So they can get the body-stuff Adrenochrom to use it to stay young. Adrenochrome realy exists but never had this effect.
The former US-President Donald J. Trump is for QAnon a messias-figure, who fights to free the children.
The basic story of QAnon about liberal Elites which abuses children consists a antisemitic framing.
The christian majority charges the jewish minority since the middle age with this reproach of child murdering rituals.
Centers of the QAnon-Cult are the United States and Germany.
The racist murderer of Hanau believed in storys like this.
The QAnon-movement uses the covid-sceptic-movement to spread its storys.
The Movement is orgased wildly in the Net and headless.

QAnon-supporter took part in the storm of the Kapitol in Washington in 6th of January 2021.

QAnon-supporter took part in the trying to storm the Reichstag in Berlin in 29th of August 2020 of 500 people.

Supporter of the QAnon-Movement in Germany are:
* Attila Hildmann, Vegan cook, now refugee in Turkye (English:
* Xavier Naidoo, Soul Songer

**Second Source:**
– Ciaran O’Connor, Cooper Gatewood, Kendrick McDonald and Sarah Brandt: The Boom Before the Ban: QAnon and Facebook, (English)