Web portal openly promotes pro-Ustasha revisionism, calls Serbian returnees ‘abolished Chetniks’, NGOs ‘inhumane haters of Croatia’, and LGBT behavior ‘a sign of serious illness’.

The head of the association and editor-in-chief of the portal Hrvoje Macan and the head of marketing and his brother Mario were also members of the pro-fascist organization Croatian National Front, which in its founding message in 2010 called for violent methods. They resurrected emigrant organization Croatian National Front, which carried out political assassinations during Yugoslavia. On their page, the Macan names are below the huge caption “We are Ustashas and we are proud of that.” It is also the essence of the entire portal, where young people call for the fight for a Greater Croatia and giving civil rights only to Croats.

Mario was the secretary of the Ustasha movement, and Hrvoje was the administrator of a closed internet forum where their activities were discussed. In the introductory text of the forum page, which is available on the Internet, today’s head of the association Priznajem Hrvoje Macan wrote that we must not give up the period from ‘41. just because some author wrote that there were dark sides, because there are them in every war anyway. He called these dark sides a ‘normal sequence of purification’.

They founded the company McElit, which provides marketing services whose services were used by MOST and Miroslav Škoro. They created fake pages for fake news about political opponents, fabricated agencies and the results of pre-election polls.

The Ministry of Culture has donated 1.3 million kuna from the European Social Fund to association behind their portal