Popular Resistance Association

ANS is a Russian national anarchist political organization. Founded in 2016 by a number of former activists of People’s Will, NBP, Volnitsa and other movements.

ANS combines left-wing populism with far-right views. Ideologically it combines neo-narodnichestvo, and Third Position-style views such as National Bolshevism, National-anarchism, and National Syndicalism. The ANS uses the flag of the Green armies during the Russian Civil War, as well as the Sown Field emblem.

They adhere to the ideology of left-wing nationalism, which is not quite typical for Russia. ANS poses itself as a “third way” organization, thus trying to unite left and right activists. The ANS activists chose a flag as their symbol, referring to the “green” during the Civil War in Russia (1917 1922), trying to separate themselves from traditional nationalist organizations and neo-Nazis, but also from various kinds of left. They call themselves “neonarodniks”.

Members of the organization claim that they have a negative attitude towards xenophobia and do not see a problem if representatives of other nationalities take part in their organization, provided they are integrated into the dominant culture.

They take an active part in the “Russian Marches”, and since 2017 they have been participating in its organization. In addition to the actions of Russian nationalists, ANS takes part in various social protests: in the anti-corruption protests of Alexei Navalny, protests against the construction of churches and illegal buildings, actions in defense of the journalist of the Meduza publication Ivan Golunov, whom the police planted drugs on