Politically Incorrect News

**Short description**
“Politically Incorrect News” is a German-language extreme right news portal founded in November 2004 by the sports teacher Stefan Herre.
In May 2020, PI described itself as “Germany’s most widely read patriotic blog”.

In terms of content, PI agitates against “Islam”, the “climate swindle, leftists, “political correctness”, Sinti and Roma and migrants in general.

Those involved are or were, among others:
* Peter Bartels, born 1943, editor at PI-News since June 2017.
* Stefan Herre from Cologne, member of the advisory board of “Stop Islamisation of Nations”.
* Michael Stürzenberger from Munich, press spokesman of the Bavarian regional association of the “Citizens’ Movement Pax Europe” and co-founder of the Bavarian chapter of the small party “Die Freiheit”.

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