Nordic Resistance Movement

Nordic Resistance Movement (Swedish: Nordiska motståndsrörelsen; NMR, Norwegian Bokmål: Nordiske motstandsbevegelsen; NMB and Nynorsk: Nordiske motstandsrørsla; NMR, Finnish: Pohjoismainen Vastarintaliike; PVL, Icelandic: Norræna mótstöðuhreyfingin; NMH, Danish: Den nordiske modstandsbevægelse; NMB, Russian: Северное движение сопротивление) is a swedish official political party and transnational, nazi, pan-nordic organization with official chapters operating in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The NRM also draws support from nazis in Denmark, Iceland and Russia, though the group has failed to establish formal branches in those countries. It has been banned in Finland since 2019.


NRM was formed by members of Swedish White Aryan Resistance in 2016. In its 2015 party platform "Our Path", the NRM warns that the Nordic states – as well as the entire Western world – are controlled by the global Zionist elite. The NRM thus seeks to "regain power" from that elite and unite the Nordic states into a "Nordic Nation" able to "assert itself militarily, economically and culturally. The aim of Nordic Resistance Movement is to establish a totalitarian neo-Nazi Nordic State "consisting of the Nordic countries Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and eventually even the Baltic countries.

The NRM subscribes to a nationalist socialist, or neo-Nazi, ideology that is avowedly anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, pro-white, and pro-Hitler. The NRM has held numerous anti-immigration rallies, and has hung signs throughout Sweden, Finland, and Norway reading "Refugees Are Not Welcome". The Nordic Resistance Movement advocates an immediate stop to what they call mass immigration to the Scandinavian countries, and repatriation of people that are not of Northern European or of closely related descent. It also advocates Nordic self-sufficiency and withdrawal from the European Union.

**Parliamentary**** politics**

The group was inspired to enter politics after one of its key members, Pär Öberg, was elected in 2014 as a write-in candidate for the Sweden Democrats party in the Ludvika municipality's local elections. However, NRM-Sweden is not believed to have made political gains, and the movement is reported to lend most of its efforts to extra-parliamentary activities, such as violence, intimidation, and crime.


NRM members reportedly receive martial arts training and are educated on how to respond if fighting arises in the streets. Three members of Swedish NRM were sentenced to prison for respectively eight and a half years, five years, and one and a half years on 7 July 2017 for three bombings in Göteborg which took place in November 2016 and January 2017. They tried to blow up leftist cafe Syndikaliskt Forum Kafe and refugee housing compound. Swedish prosecutors believe that these three members were "dissatisfied" that NRM leadership had not wanted to use violence "to the same extent" as the three men. Prosecutors believe that two of those men had received military training in Russia from Russian Imperial Movement before returning to Sweden to carry out the bombings, though it is unclear from whom they received training.

Nordic Strength (Swedish: Nordisk Styrka) is an underground paramilitary group, formed in August 2019 by the most hard-line NRM members who reject the parliamentary oriented mass organization strategy of the Swedish group as an insufficiently radical approach. The group describes itself as a "fighting organization" ("kamporganisation") and maintains very strict physical standards for its members. The members of the group have been convicted of over 100 violent crimes and weapon offenses and use an old church in Västmanland as their headquarters. Virtually nothing else is known about the underground sect of the already secretive group


The NRM is believed to comprise between 250 to 300 core members spread throughout Sweden, Norway, and Finland—though the group may attract many more sympathizers. In November 2016, NRM-Sweden alone drew a total of 600 demonstrators in its largest rally to date. According to a May 2015 estimate by the Finnish-owned media outlet Yle, NRM-Finland is comprised of approximately 60 to 70 core members. The Norwegian-owned NRK media company reported in February 2017 that each country's branch contains "a dozen" core activists.


Simon Lindberg is the leader of NRM-Sweden. Emil Hagberg is the spokesman of NRM-Sweden. Haakon Forwald is the leader of NRM-Norway. Tommy Olsen is the deputy leader of NRM-Norway. Otto Rutanen is the leader of NRM-Finland. Antti Niemi is the deputy leader of NRM-Finland.


Most of NRM groups on social media were banned. https://twitter.com/Nordfront14https://vk.com/nordfront_sverige