Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund

The „Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund“ (NSU, German: „Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund“) was a neonazist terrorist group which existed from 1998 to 2011. It was a network with three members living in the underground:
* Uwe Bönhardt (1977-2011)
* Uwe Mundlos (1973-2011)
* Beate Zschäpe (* 1975), sentenced to prison for lifetime

Mundlos, Bönhardt and Zschäpe were in the 1990es active in the „Thüringer Heimatschutz“ (THS) in Jena (Thuringia).

The trio escaped 1998 from the Police and hide with the help of a network.
The size of the network was something between 100 and 150.
Members of the organisations „Blood &Honour” and the Hammerskins were part of the network.
First the trio lived in Chemnitz, later in Zwickau.

The trio in the underground lifed on the support of their neonazi friends and 14 bank robberys between 1999 and 2011.

They two Uwes murderded probably with the help of others nine male migrants between 2000 and 2006 and one police woman:
* 09.09.2000: Enver Simsek (* 1961) in Nürnberg
* 13.06.2001: Abdurrahim Özüdogru (* 1952) in Nürnberg
* 27.06.2001: Süleyman Tasköprü (* 1970) in Hamburg
* 29.08.2001: Habil Kilic (* 1963) in Hamburg
* 25.02.2004: Mehmet Turgut (* 1977) in Rostock
* 09.06.2005: Ismail Yasar (* 1955) in Nürnberg
* 15.06.2005: Theodoros Boulgarides (* 1964) in München
* 04.04.2006: Mehmet Kubasik (* 1966) in Dortmund
* 06.04.2006: Yozgat (* 1985) in Kassel
* 25.04.2007: Michèle Kiesewetter (* 1985) in Heilbronn

They also commmit also bomb attacks:
* 23.06.1999 in Nuremberg, a turkish young man was hurt
* 19.01.2001 in Cologne, Iranian girl was badly hurt.
* 09.07.2004 in Cologne Keuppstraße, 22 people were injured

At 4th of November 2011 Mundlos and Bönhardt robbed a bank in Eisenach. They hide in a caravan and shot themself after the Police discovered them.
Zschäpe somewhere got informed of this suicide and set their home on fire. She sent via letter a DVD with the confessions of the group with a cartoon.
At 8th of November 2011 she turned herself in to the Police.

There is an unclear involvement by the German secret service ‘Verfassungsschutz’, which could have known about the three NSU-members in the underground and their murders.

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