National Resistance

The *National Resistance* (NR) — an ultranationalistic movement linked to various attacks on immigrants, Roma people, Turks, LGBT groups and leftists. On June 6, 2010, four left-wing activists were attacked in a tram while on their way to a pro-immigrant rally. Most of them were without serious injuries. However, one of the victims sustained [a brain trauma]( The same faction is also directly connected to a bomb attack over the office of Euroroma (a political party, founded in 1998, engaged in defending Romani’s rights) in the small city of Sandanski. On 29 July 2012, this very act critically injured Malin Iliev, a 58 years old man from Roma origins, who died a few days later. At the same town, three months earlier, two handmade bombs nearly cost the life of young man in [another violent xenophobic act](

Аs a reward for his actions, Nikolai Yovev – the main suspect of both terrorist acts – was nominated as an independent candidate for the EU Parliament in 2014. His campaign was initiated by the newly formed then *Nationalist Party of Bulgaria*, which was met with insurmountable public resistance. The party consist entirely from extremely militant, far-right – both formal and informal – movements of street thugs with rich history through the years. The Bulgarian division of *Blood and Honour* also participates in it.[ The very same actors founded the *ČEST*]( party in August 2020 (*Dignity*, an abbreviation for “Pure, United and Sovereign Fatherland”).