Karpatska Sich

**Karpatska Sich** is a regional far-right organization operating in Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region. It stands against ‘cultural Marxism’, by which the members of Karpatska Sich mostly mean gender politics, multiculturalism, etc. The leader of Karpatska Sich is **Taras Deyak**.

The organization collaborates with several far-right organizations in Europe, first of all from Poland and Hungary. Among others, it’s **Legio Hungaria** and **Casapound**. In 2019 Karpatska Sich organized the conference ‘The Sword of Europe’ in Uzhgorod. The representatives from Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Serbia, and Russia attended the conference.

Members of Karpatska Sich have repeatedly participated in attacks on political opponents, members of the LGBT+ community, and anti-fascists. They hold lectures at city schools regularly. They also spread the manifesto authored by the New Zealand terrorist and racist Brenton Tarrant, translated and published in Ukrainian.

In 2020 the organization took part in local elections in the Transcarpathian region within the **Alternative** party, which represents itself as a party of war veterans. Taras Deyak received the second number on the electoral list. The party lacked 0.2% to enter the local council. Alternative called it a falsification and tried to break into the building of the territorial election commission by force in order to stop the “falsifications”. However, the nationalists were pushed back by the police.

Karpatska Sich conducts regular sports competitions and military training with weapons.