The „Jungeuropa Verlag“ is a small far right publishing house with seat in Dresden.
Editor is Philip Stein, which is also active in „Ein Prozent“ and member of the Burschenschaft Germania in Marburg, which is part of the „Deutsche Burschenschaft“.
They publish translations from far right authors from other countrys.

Authors are:
* Wolfgang Bendel (Germany)
* Alain de Benoist (France)
* Robert Brasillach (1909-1945) from France, ‘classical’ Fascist
* Pierre Drieu la Rochelle (1893-1945) from France, ‘classical’ Fascist
* David Engels (Belgium)
* Guillaume Faye (France)
* Lothar Fritze (Germany)
* Diego Fusaro (Italy)
* Hermann Heller
* John Hoewer (Germany)
* Benedikt Kaiser (Germany)
* Mykola Krawtschenko (1983-2022) from Ukraine
* Martin Lichtmesz (Germany)
* Henri Massis (1886-1970) from France, ‘classical’ Fascist
* Henry de Montherlant (1895-1972) from France
* Michel Onfray (France)
* Julien Rochedy (France)
* Viljo Saraja (1900-1970) from Finnland
* Mária Schmidt (Hungary)
* Mykola Sziborskyj (1897-1941) from Ukraine, a Nationalist
* Eberhard Straub (Germany)
* Derek Turner (UK)
* Guillaume Travers (France)
* Dominique Venner (1935-2013) from France
* Thor von Waldstein (Germany)
* Nils Wegner
* Volker Zierke (Germany)

International Contacts:
* „Éléments“ (France)
* „Institut Iliade“

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