Junge Freiheit

Seat: Berlin

**short description**
The „Junge Freiheit“ (JF) is a weekly newspaper of the New Right, which was founded in 1986.
Experts says that the newspaper is i a greyzone between conservatism and far right.
The newspaper sympathizes with the AfD, but not with the open fascist wing around Björn Höcke.

Editor in chief since the beginning is Dieter Stein.
There exists also an own publishing house, which for example publishes translations of Alain de Benoist.
Nr. 35-2012 was publish as a special edition also in Flemish for the flemisch-nationalist 11. Ijzerwake-Festival at 26th of August 2012 in Belgium.

The JF initiates own campaigns, for example against the so called „Genderisation“.

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