Junge Alternative

Strength: 1,700 (June 2019)

Short description
The „Junge Alternative für Deutschland“ (JA) is the Youth Organisation of the AfD.
It was founded in 15 June 2013.
The JA is more radical far right than the AfD and some of its members have a history in the Identitarian Movement.

The JA officialy has Associations in every federal state in Germany.

The JA is open to people aged 14 to 35 years.

The board of the JA consists since April 2021 of the following members:
* chairman 1: Carlo Clemens
* chairman 2: Marvin Neumann
* 1. Vice: Sven Kachelmann
* 2. Vice: Mary Khan
* 3. Vice: Tomasz Froelich
* treasurer: Thomas Ladzinski
* vice treasurer: Anna Leisten
* Secretary: Nils Hartwig
* Vice Secretary: Adrian Maxhuni
* Lena Alt
* Eric Engelhardt
* Jochen Lobstedt
* Sören Schwarzer
* Kevin Michalzik
* Justin Salka

International Contacts
* „Molodaja Gwardija“ („Junge Garde“), Russia
* „Junge Schweizerische Volkspartei“ (JSVP), Swiss
* „Front National de la jeunesse“
* „Movimento Giovani Padani“, Italy
* „Perussuomalaiset Nuoret“ („Junge Finnen“), Finnland

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