In the Name of the Family

“In the Name of the Family” movement based its activities on opposing liberal tendencies in Croatian society. They especially focused on the question of family and marriage laws, sex and health education, and civic education in public schools, and by focusing on strengthening the rights of their so-called “moral majority.”

Antonija Petričušić has demonstrated the interconnectedness of many of these new right civic organisations: Family Centre, The Voice of Parents for Children, The Association for Comprehensive Sex Education, Reform, Vigilare, the Centre for Renewal of Culture, Alliance for Life, Mary’s Meals etc.; political parties like Croatian Growth and individuals like Željka Markić, Ladislav Ilčić, Damir Stojić, Vice John Batarelo, and Stjepo Bartulica. Željka Markić participated in the World Congress of Families in 2018 and 2019.

One of the more widely read Internet portal witch is at the forefront of promoting historical revisionism, false news and hate-mongering messages is the portal, owned by Željka Markić, and her organisation “In the name of the family”.