Hammerskins Deutschland

(„Hammerskins Germany“)

150 members (2018)

**Short description:**
The Hammerskins are active in Germany since 1992.
There are conflicts with Blood&Honour because of the RAC-Music-Businesss.

Intern meetings in Europa called „European Officers Meeting“ (EOM) and in one country „National Officers Meeting“ (NOM).

Malte Redeker from Ludwigshafen is believed to be the chief of the Hammerskins in Europe.

They have no branches in Easteurope because they believe in the racist hierarchy of the Nationalsocialists.

Their Supporter-Crew is called „Crew 38“.

There are the following German chapters:
* Bayern
* Berlin
* Brandenburg
* Bremen
* Franken
* Mecklenburg
* Pommern
* Rheinland
* Sachsen
* Sarregau
* Westfalen
* Westwall
* Württemberg

German Bands which are Hammerkin-supporters:
* „Hetzjagd“ (Bremen)
* „Frontalkraft“ (Cottbus)
* „Jungsturm“ (Saarland, Rheinland-Pfalz)
* „Deutsch Stolz Treue“ (Berlin)
* „Confident Of Victory“ (Area Senftenberg)
* „Rotte Charlotte“ (NRW)
* „Eternal Bleeding“ (Altenburg)
* „Blitzkrieg“ (Chemnitz)
* „Division Germania“
* „Wolfssfront“ (Saarland)

**Contacts National:**
* „Turonen“ beziehungsweise „Garde 20“
* „Snevern Jungs“ from Schneverdingen
* „Kameradschaftsbund Anklam“

**Contacts International:**
* other chapters of the Hammerskins

**Secondary sources:**
– Exif-Recherche: (German)
– Exif-Recherche: (German)