German Volunteer Corps

In February 2023, a “German Volunteer Corps” (“DFK”) was formed in Ukraine with extreme right-wing volunteers fighting on the Ukrainian side.
It sees itself in a National Socialist tradition. On June 22, 2023, the following text was posted on Telegram on the anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union:
“82 umpteen years ago today, German soldiers and their allies crossed the borders into Soviet Russia. In the firm hope of putting a stop to Stalin and Bolshevism and liberating the peoples in the SU prison.”
The DFK appears to be integrated into the “Russian Volunteer Corps” (RDK). Cooperations exist with ASOV and Kraken.
In an interview published on June 24, 2023, a representative of the DFK states that Russia should return the former East Prussia (today: Kaliningrad Oblast) to Germany.
Connections are said to exist with members of the neo-Nazi party “Der Dritte Weg”.

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