Génération Identitaire

Génération Identitaire was founded in 2012 (dissolved in 2021), originally as the youth section of the Identitarian Bloc (Bloc Identitaire) but became autonomous in 2016. The organisation aims at defending a white “indigenous” European identity in front to extra-European immigration which they consider at an Islamic invasion. They became famous through their mediatised “activist” actions such as occupying a mosque in Poitiers in 2012, and more recently blocking the French/Italian border in 2018 and the Spanish/French one in 2021, in order to physcially prevent migrants from entering the country, according to their “Defend Europe” campaign. In line with their anti-islam and anti-immigration standpoints, they believe in the Great Replacement conspiracy theory, advocate remigration and denounce anti-white racism under their “white lives matter” slogan.

The porosity between GI and the FN/RN is well known, with GI members becoming executives in the party or being part of the security team of party meetings. Many former GI members have today joined the more even radical Eric Zemmour and his Reconquête party.

Generation Identity was exported to many European countries. The French organisation was however dissolved by the French governement on March 3 2021 as it qualified as a hatred and discrimination incitement on the basis of origin and religion, the promotion of an amalgam between immigration, Islam and crime, and its organisation into a paramilitary group.