Seat: Hawermannweg 16, 18069 Rostock

The „GegenUni UG (haftungsbeschränkt)“ is an online education project of the New Right, which started in 2021.
Founder is Erik Ahrens from Frankfurt/Main.

The „GegenUni“ cooperated with the „Institut für Staatspolitik“ and can be seen as a prpject of the ‘New Right’.
There is a proximity to the Identitarian movement.

Teachers of „GegenUni“ are:
* Prof. Felix Dirsch (Germany), christian right
* Prof. Edward Dutton (Finnland)
* Carsten Krug (Germany)
* Dr. Erik Lehnert (Germany), leading member of the „Institut für Staatspolitik“
* Dr. Stefan Scheil (Germany), author of the „Junge Freiheit“, member of the AfD
* Marvin T. Neumann (Germany), member of the „Junge Alternative“
* Felix Wolf (Germany)
* Volker Zierke (German)

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