Eléments is a magazine founded as an official media outlet for the GRECE, the research group of the French Nouvelle Droite (New Right). It is published every other month. Alain de Benoist is one of the founders and was the original chief redactor. Since 2017, it is Francois Bousquet, but de Benoist role remains central. Its full name, “Eléments, for the European civilisation” reflect its main focus. Recurring issues regard identity, religion, history, ideology, promoting paganism and opposing the consumer society, globalisation and “woke culture”. In line with the Nouvelle Droite, it claims to be neither left nor right, and has succeeded in appearing as semi-moderate despite clear far-right origins, especially by featuring lately interviews of personalities not initially associated with this political side. Eléments, together with Krisis and Nouvelle Ecole, forms a trio of magazines emanating from the Nouvelle Droite sphere.