Devenir Europeo

Association founded in 2007, declared National Socialist, led by neo-Nazi Ramón Bau Fradera, founder and later
Secretary General of the neo-Nazi organization CEDADE. Bau is
considered one of the ideologues of neo-Nazism in Spain.
Devenir Europeo bases its activity on conferences and activities
cultural It is based in Barcelona, but holds events in other
Spanish cities. Edit books and magazines like Europae or Devenir
Europeo, of nazi exaltation, and offers support to Holocaust deniers and nazis
prosecuted in various countries, such as the Germans Ursula Haverbeck,
Horst Mahler or Axel Möller, as well as for the leader of the Nazi party
Greek Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos or the Spanish bookseller
Pedro Varela.