Scientific historical conference “Moscow – the Third Rome, and there will never be a fourth”

To the 550th anniversary of the marriage of Tsar Ioann Vasilievich the Great and Tsarevna Sofia Palaeologus
and 450th anniversary of the victory at the Battle of Molodi.

“The sobor formula “Moscow is the Third Rome, and there shall never be a fourth” predetermined the development of Russia and of the entire world up to our time and to the end of time. It was Russia with the capital city of Moscow, the Third Rome, that since the XVI century became the protector of world Orthodoxy. It was the Russian Empire that restrained the power of the Ottoman Empire, which was threatening Central and Western Europe with conquests. It was Russia that prevented the Ottomans from conquering the Volga region and the Urals – and the most important historical event in this connection was the victory at the Battle of Molodi in August 1572.”

Speakers at the [conference]( will include:

– Vladimir Lavrov, Doctor of History,

– Peter Multatuli, PhD in history,

– D. in History Pavel Petin,

– D. in History Pavel Kuzenkov,

– D. in History Galina Ananyina,

– historian Leonid Bolotin,

– historian Vasily Boyko-Velikiy,

– historian Boris Galenin and others.


The St Basil the Great Russian Enlightenment Foundation,

The Slavic Writing and Culture Foundation,

Women’s Patriotic Society.