Russian March 2022

On 4 November, Russia celebrates National Unity Day and the far-right marches in “Russian Marches”. The holiday was established in 2005 and since then has been a day off. The nationalists chose it as their main holiday to organise a traditional “Russian march”. This is a procession through the main streets in major Russian cities. The largest Russian march took place in 2011, with between 10,000 and 25,000 participants, according to various estimates. After 2016, the number of RMs began to drop sharply, and for the last three years the action has not actually taken place.

In 2022, due to military action, nationalists have proposed holding RMs in a meeting format. The following message is circulating on social media:

“Today we are in a reality where the world is on the brink of World War III because of the irresponsible policies and aggressive militaristic propaganda of the internationalists. As savage as it sounds, people are being urged to fight to the death with their brethren, justifying this by the need to eradicate the ideology of nationalism, with no hope of negotiations. Which is particularly absurd given that both sides of the conflict declare adherence to different spectrums of the liberal idea (from the centre to the left wing). The bloody game of “find Hitler” must stop and never be repeated. The current political crisis is entirely created by the false internationalists and everyone should realise this, otherwise the European world will continue to be artificially dragged into unjustified large-scale military conflicts. The enemies of nationalism first intimidated Europeans for decades with the lie that wars and economic crisis await us if nationally minded politicians come in, forcing them to tolerate substitute migration and promoting tolerance for outright degeneration. Now the whole world clearly sees that it is the internationalists who are fuelling wars and creating crises and we must not remain silent about this.

In the current situation, both Russian and European nationalists remain the last hope of white peoples for a peaceful and stable development. We are the only alternative to both the dictatorship of the Chekaists and the tyranny of the conditional New Left, who wish to weaken our people and their potential statehood.

In the Russian Federation, the task of unity for Russian nationalists comes to the fore – for the preservation and development of a political identity, and solidarity and organization serve this purpose. At the same time, solidarity is not only among Russian nationalists, but with the Russian people as a whole. Mutual aid among those not indifferent, and assistance to needy members of the nation, uniting like-minded people and popularizing our worldview are now at the top of the agenda. Therefore, despite severe restrictions on civil rights in the Russian Federation and forced mobilization, we do not refuse to hold the Russian March on the day of Russian national unity on November 4th, the informal day of Russian nationalism. The actions will take place in the format of meetings of like-minded people, followed by humanitarian or cultural events, with or without agreement. The actions will only take place in cities where mobilisation has officially ended.

If you share the views of nationalism and national-idealism, get in touch with us (email the Secretary of the Central Organising Committee of the Russian March)

We are not inviting people who advocate both the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine (supporting the destruction of Ukraine or the further conquest of its territories) and those who advocate the break-up of Russia”.