Rightists in the pub – Fight against LGBT + P [pedophile] propaganda

Pub Veliki Tolk in Zagreb on July 7 hosted the event “Rightists in the pub” on the topic “fight against LGBT + P [pedophile] propaganda”. The event is organized by the alt-right political party Generation of Renewal, and comes only three days after several homophobic attacks were carried out in Zagreb on the day of the Pride. These attacks were preceded by the announcement of a fight against LGBT propaganda by MPs Nikola Grmoja and Božo Petrov, who announced lawsuits – no less and no more than defamation – against those who dared to call them the inspirers of the homophobic violence that followed. This event was a public promotion of alt-right propaganda that equates belonging to the LGBT community with pedophilia.
Members of Parliament Hrvoje Zekanović and Marijan Pavliček were in the front rows at this event.