Heretic Fest

National-socialist black metal (NSBM) music festival that take place in Kyiv, Ukraine. Festival organized mainly by Alexey Levkin, neo-nazi activist from Russia, leader of the M8L8TH music band and Wotanjugend movement. Festival took place in 2019 and was canceled in 2020 because of COVID-19 quarantine measures.
On 2021 several NSBM bands from Ukraine and Poland will take part in festival:
M8L8TH – Russian-Ukrainian NSBM bands, lead by Alexey Levkin
DARK FURY – neo-nazi band from Wroclaw, Poland.
SUNWHEEL – neo-nazi band from, which first name was Svastyka.
AKVLT RITUAL – side-project of Alexey Levkin. Also named as Adolfkvlt
BERGRIZEN – NSBM band from Kyiv with nazi aesthetics. Connected to other far-right band from Ukraine Kroda.