EUROPA – International event hosted by APF and AREA in Rome, Italy

EUROPA – Europe against the union of Brussels, finance and anti-fascism

APF statement about this event on their Facebook page

“On the 29th of May in Roma the Alliance for Peace and Freedom organized a meeting – conference firmly restablishing nationalist presence in Europe. Representation of Portugal, Spain, France , Ireland, Germany, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Italy met in central Roma after 2 years of heavy repression against nationalist parties in Europe, lockdowns and social upheavals. The APF decided to start action immediately resuming party membership (12 parties are expected to join) and individual membership. The meeting started with the words (reported by Elasyn representative Mr Zografos) of Ioannis Lagos MEP for Greece arrested in a scandalous way in Brussels and then extradited to Greece to serve 13 years of imprisonment for political reasons. Ioannis Lagos invited everyone in Europe and in Greece to get together and join forces to resist and then defeat the Deep State. A delegation of APF will be in Lebanon at the end of August and in Serbia at the end of September. In Serbia the APF and it’s president Roberto Fiore (will launch an initiative to unite movements and party from all Europe inside and outside EU boundaries. All efforts will be made to establish the APF as a credible and organized force in all European territories and to strengthen our resistance in defence of the peoples of Europe.”

List of attendees
Roberto Fiore, Vincenzo Nardulli, Giuliano Castellino (and many others, from Serbia, Ireland, Portugal, France, Spain, Romania, Greece – see photos in Facebook link and poster which names people)