Despa Memorial 7

Since 2015, the Despa memorial has been held on the Croatian coast in the summer, organized by the Blood and Honor Croatia. Dozens of neo-Nazis from Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany came to the RAC (Rock Against Communism) concerts.

Report from Blood and Honour Hungary from Despa Memorial 7
“Despite the “pandemic” situation in Europe we managed also this year to organize our 7th annual “Despa memorial” gig. Around 50 people from Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany gathered to give respect to our gone but not forgotten comrade and to enyoj good music and real comradeship. Music was preformed by Hundriver (Hungary) and Rebel (Croatia). Due to circumstances only acoustic gig was possible but we are already in plans for real RAC gig next year! We want to say huge thanks for everyone that come to support us and we hope to see you all soon. 828!”

Something more about first Despa memorial in honor of the deceased Goran Despić Despa