CPAC Hungary 2022

CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference. It took place this year on May 19 and 20 in Budapest, Hungary, co-organised by the [Center for Fundamental Rights]( and the [American Conservative Union](

CPAC is officially presented as follows: “CPAC has a long tradition, and in its half-a-century long history it has become the American Conservative Union’s flagship grassroot event. Since its inception in 1974, it has grown into the largest and most influential gathering of Conservatives in the world.”

CPAC is advertised as “the first occasion that this major American political franchise arrives on the Continent. The American Conservative Union has for some time been looking for ways to bring CPAC to Europe, and over recent years, the conviction grew that Hungary, as one of the engines of Conservative resistance to the woke revolution, was the natural place for it.” In other words, this testifies of a rising influence of American conservatism and its entryism in the European conservative spheres, for which Viktor Orban’s Hungary represents a symbol.

The program of the two days was organised around these 8 themes:
– Western civilisation under attack
– In God we trust
– Culture wars in the media
– The father is a man, the mother is a woman
– Conservative revival
– Homeland, Security
– CPACs all around the world
– United we stand, divided we fall

… with a [variety of speakers]( from the Americas and several European countries, including Viktor Orban, Eduardo Bolsonar, Tucker Carlson and Jordan Bardella, among many others.