Day For Freedom

When Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was banned from Twitter he organised a large protest in central London to complain, which was supported by a number of far-right figures.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021

Attempt by neo-Nazis to hijack the UN organised event to promote a version of the ‘great replacement’ conspiracy theory and promote the ‘White Lives Matter’ slogan. Started by British fascist party Patriotic Alternative and supported by neo-Nazis internationally.

Patriotic Alternative Autumn conference 2021

The first of the fascist party’s twice yearly national conferences to be held following the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The venue was revealed online which led to serious disruption. Paul Stevenson of the Republic Broadcasting Network was an international

Patriotic Alternative Northern conference 2022

PA held a national [conference at the Stirk House Hotel in Lancashire](, attended by around 150 supporters, the same number they claim attended a conference in March. The hotel had been [warned about the booking in advance but decided to

Patriotic Weekly Review – episode 200

In March, PA leader Mark Collett’s weekly livestream Patriotic Weekly Review (PWR) marked 200 episodes with a four-hour long stream involving 30 guests from across the international far-right. Guests included Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice TV, Andreas

Statue Defenders protest

After a protest in Bristol which saw a state of a slave trader be pulled from it’s plinth and thrown into the harbour, British football hooligans held protests to defend statues. The largest was held in Whitehall, central London and

Traditional Britain Group conference 2017

Annual conference which brings together the British far right. Among the speakers at the conference were [For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters and Idenitarian Martin Sellner](

Traditional Britain Group conference 2021

Annual conference which brings together the British far right. Among the speakers at the conference were the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)’s Gunnar Beck and Stefan Korte.

Traditional Britain Group conference 2022

Annual conference of the Traditional Britain Group, attended by people from across the far right. This year’s [TBG conference]( was addressed by Christine Anderson, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) MEP. [Stefan Korte]( from the AfD addressed the conference for the second