Constituent Assembly of the “For the Family!” party

The founding meeting of the Russian traditionalist party “For the Family!” was held in Moscow. Andrey Kormukhin, the founder of the Sorok Sorokov Orthodox Movement, became its leader. The ideological values proclaimed are the millennial Russia, the memory of ancestors, faith in God and other Russian traditions like domostroy.

The relevant documents were signed on Saturday at the party’s founding congress. It is reported that the congress was attended by 300 delegates from 57 regions of the country.

The party’s political council included Vladimir Krupennikov, a deputy of the fifth, sixth and seventh convocations, military officer Anastasia Mikhailovskaya, retired Soviet general Leonid Reshetnikov, political scientist Vladimir Samoilov and journalist Anna Shafran. Legislative support for “traditional families with many children” and President Vladimir Putin is cited as the aim of political activity.

The party positions itself as an organisation that advocates traditional values and supports the president, so “For the Family” has already received the approval of the Russian Orthodox Church. The traditionalists see their main task as fighting for an increase in the birth rate. The constituent assembly was held on March 25, and now the countdown to the registration at the Ministry of Justice begins, which, however, is not a priori guaranteed. If only because in recent years only such parties have emerged which have been opened for registration by the Presidential Administration. At the congress, Kormukhin repeatedly pointed out that the government has nothing to do with the party and vice versa, the party has nothing to do with the government.