Bombing against makeshift mosque

The bombing took place in Patissia neighborhood in Athens, between 03:30 – 04:00.

The bomb was placed right outside the door of the prayer house. The makeshift bomb included small metallic objects (screws, bolts and nuts), pointing at the intention of extensive damage and bodily harm to people. This configuration bears resemblance to that used in the 2004 Cologne Bombing, perpetrated by the NSU.

The imam was inside the prayer house at the time, as it is customary that people visit the mosque earlier than the common morning prayers (around 06:00) to pray individually. The prayer house serves mosty migrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Police sources say they investigate far-right connections. Meanwhile, the attack did not receive wide coverage by national media. Despite the nature of the attack, no specific far-right group has yet claimed responsibility for or is linked by evidence to this attack.

Attacks against Muslim local prayer houses of migrants’ communities have been a recurring theme in the activities of Golden Dawn.

Local community mosques are regularly and frequently vilified by far-right and some of the mainstream media, portrayed as “illegal”. In this context, it’s worthy of notice that no official mosque was operating in Athens until November 2020, despite that religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution.


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