European Parliament

Alliance of European National Movements

Strongly pushed by the hungarian Jobbik and Bruno Gollnisch of the french FNf, the AENM was founded at a conference in Budapest in September 2009. Further founding members were the British National Party (BNP), the belgian Front National (FNb), the italian Movimento Sociale – Fiamma Tricolore (MSI) and the swedish Nationaldemokraterna (ND), a finally unsuccessful right-wing split-off from the Sverigedemokraterna (SD). On grounds of the exit of important individuals and the uprise of other european party alliances, the AENM soon lost importance. Nonetheless it even broadened its ideological spectrum with regard to their membership. According to its statutes, since 2018 there are no more party but only individual memberships. Nominally, the AENM never dissoluted officially but it‘s inactive since the beginning of 2019.

EP group: none, non-attached MEPs, only marginally EFD / EFDD

ideological orientations: economic neoliberalism to protectionism, value-oriented social conservatism, post- and neo-fascism, antisemitism, EU-hostility