European Parliament

Alliance for Peace and Freedom

The APF resembles mostly parties from the former alliances EuroNat and European National Front (ENF). They originate all from a (neo-)fascist or (neo-)nazi spectrum, some with more direct traditions to historical fascism, like the german NPD or the spanish Democracia Nacional, others with neofascist references to historical ideals, like the romanian Noua Dreaptă, which draws upon the Iron Guard, being the dominant fascist movement and organisation in interwar Romania. Driving forces are Roberto Fiore from the italian Forza Nuova (FN_i) and the Briton Nick Griffin, once member and chairman of the British National Party. Since the EP election 2019, the APF has two acting MEPs via the slovak deputies of the Kotlebovci – Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko (L’SNS). During the former legislature initially there were three APF members being MEPs (NPD, CA), from 2018 on four: Jean-Marie Le Pen, being definitely expelled from his Front National, joined the alliance. Using its foundation Europa Terra Nostra there have been taken place some cultural and educational events.

EP group: none, non attached MEPs

ideological orientations: neo-fascist and -nazist, anti-semitism, EU-hostility