European Parliament

Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe

Clearly dominated by UKIP, the ADDE was founded in 2014. Up till then, the opponents of any other supranational affiliation than the EP grouping have always been stronger within UKIP. Apart from UKIP and the Sverigedemokraterna, later the lithuanian Tvarka ir Teisingumas and the polish Korwin / Wolnosć, ADDEs, the ADDE membership consisted mainly of small and splinter parties which weren‘t represented in the EP. Central reivindications of the neoliberal-nationalist and extreme small program were those for more referenda and the limitation of immigration. Right at the beginning there were public announcements which suggested that the ADDE would serve more as a source of further financial aid than to be a political project. Missing public relations point into the same direction. In 2016 there were first suspicions of financial abuses, against this background, the ADDE dissolved voluntarily in 2017. The same happened to the associated Institute for Direct Democracy in Europe (IDDE).

EP group: EFDD

ideological orientations: economic neoliberalism, value-oriented social conservatism, EU-hostility